Fall Yard Cleanup and Junk Removal

Yard cleanup is a must-do fall chore and Snowball Junk Removal is here to make it as painless as possible. Whether you’re eliminating building materials or need a reliable company to pick up yard waste, our team is available 7 days a week to keep your home looking its best.

Why Fall Cleanup Is Important

As summer winds down and fall settles in, most of us breathe a sigh of relief. Fall means yard work will soon be a thing of the past for the year and we can focus on more important things . . . like cozy afternoons by the fireplace with loved ones.

However, there is one final push before we get to settle in for the season: fall yard cleanup. Leaves, broken branches, excess mulch, weeds and bush clippings all need to be cleaned up and transported to a waste center to keep your lawn looking its best and to prevent dead grass, insect infestation, and dangeous slip-and-fall conditions.

Why Hire a Professional for Fall Cleanup

While we can all agree that fall cleanup is important, getting rid of the trash isn’t always easy/ The problem is, most garbage removal companies don’t accept excess yard waste, leaving you to transport it yourself or get rid of it slowly over multiple weeks.

You can avoid all that though by calling in the professionals at Snowball Junk Removal! We handle projects of any size and we can get to your home or business in no time. Our team provides same-day services in most cases and we make it a point to work around your schedule to ensure total satisfaction.

Garage Clean Out

Yard waste isn’t the only cleanup project that needs to be completed in the fall. Clearing the clutter in your garage to make room for cars is also an important task that should be handled sooner rather than later.

Leaving your vehicle in the driveway or on the street during the winter months is a bad idea for a variety of reasons. Not only are the elements detrimental to your vehicle, but you could leave yourself open to an accident from falling tree branches, drunk drivers, children playing in the streets, and more.

Skip the stress and the car repairs by cleaning out your garage and letting us take care of the rest. We donate and recycle items of all types, ensuring your garage is fall-ready.

Get Ready for Fall With Junk Removal

Call Snowball Junk Removal today for an onsite estimate on your fall cleanup project. Whether you’re cleaning up the yard or clearing out the garage, we handle projects large and small. Our team is available for same-day services and we proudly serve homes and businesses across the tri-state. When it comes to fall yard cleanup, no one does it like Snowball Junk Removal.