Landscaping Cleanup Made Easy with Snowball Junk Removal

June is the perfect month for landscaping, but what happens when the project is done and you’re left with a ton of debris and leftover materials? The larger your landscaping project, the harder the cleanup, and no one wants to deal with that after working all day in the sun.

Instead of breaking your back hauling materials and debris to the curb, let Snowball Junk Removal handle your landscaping cleanup service while you enjoy your newly renovated space. Call us today for a free estimate and let us handle the dirty work while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space.

Your Options for Landscaping Debris Cleanup

If you’ve hired professional landscapers, they will likely take care of yard waste removal for you, If, however, you’ve done the landscaping project yourself, you’ll need to decide how you want to dispose of the debris after you’re finished.

Really, there are only two options when it comes to landscaping debris removal: Do it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. There are pros and cons to both options, so you’ll need to decide which one makes the most sense for your situation.

  • Removing Landscape Materials Yourself: While this option is cheaper, it’s also time-consuming, messy, and back-breaking work. You’ll have to haul everything to he curb yourself and many people do not have the tools necessary to make the job easier, so you might have to carry everything piece by piece. Plus, you’ll need to call your garbage removal company to see if they take yard waste and materials since many charge extra for this service if they provide it at all.
  • Professional Landscape Debris Removal: Hiring professionals ensures that all of your debris is cleaned up quickly without any work on your end. We’ll load materials, excess dirt, yard waste, etc., and dispose of everything properly without extra charge. Our team handles cleanup in one trip and we’ll leave your yard in perfect condition to ensure your space is picture-perfect.

How Much Does Yard Waste Cleanup Cost?

At Snowball Junk Removal, we believe that yard waste cleanup services should be affordable for everyone. While the exact price will depend on the size of the project, we make it a priority to deliver exceptional service that doesn’t break the bank.

When you call us for debris removal services, our team will deliver an all-inclusive free estimate so you know exactly what to expect on your invoice. We’ll go over the particulars in detail to avoid surprises and we stand behind our work 100% so you never have to worry about subpar service.

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