Spring is the time of year where we fling open the windows, scrub the walls, dust everything in sight and generally sweep away the dirt that has accumulated all winter long. But what about the items that have spent yet another year gathering dust?

Those items that you no longer use or that are broken beyond repair shouldn’t take a back seat this year . . . call Snowball Junk Removal as part of your spring cleaning ritual to clear the clutter once and for all.

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for Junk Hauling

Everyone knows that we accumulate more than we mean to and sometimes it’s difficult to find a good way to dispose of large items, excess garbage, or even construction materials. Because spring is the time when we rejuvenate our spaces, it’s also a great time to get rid of the items we no longer need or want in order to make space for new items to love.

Why Call Snowball Junk Removal This Spring?

There are a lot of reasons to choose us as your junk removal experts this spring. Our team shows up on time and we work around your schedule. We’re respectful of your home and time and we never leave a mess after hauling your junk.

Our rates are affordable and we’re even available for same-day junk removal in many cases. Locally owned and operated, Snowball Junk Removal values our customers as friends and neighbors and we strive for excellence at every turn.

What Items Do We Take?

Appliances, lawn furniture, holiday decorations, lawn mowers . . . whatever you need removed, we handle it. The only things we don’t accept are toxic materials, corrosives, batteries, and cleaning supplies. Whether you want to clean out your garage to make room for a new lawn mower or you’ve bought a new living room set and you need your old furniture picked up, Snowball Junk Removal is the solution.

If you’re unsure about your items, simply give us a call and we’ll let you know if our junk removing services are appropriate for your situation. We do our best to donate or recycle whatever we can to minimize waste and we make sure all other items are disposed of properly.

Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning Ritual by Calling Us for Junk Removal Today

If you’re looking to refresh your home, call Snowball Junk Removal today at 859-635-7793 to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to discuss your needs and we’ll get you in at the earliest opportunity to eliminate your junk in one visit. Don’t wait . . . reclaim your space today!