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Clean out old storage units in no time with the help of Snowball Junk Removal! Whether you’re a renter who’s trying to get rid of unwanted junk or you own a storage facility and need multiple units cleared out, our team is here to make the process fast and easy.

How to Prepare a Unit for Storage Cleanout

Do you have a storage unit full of stuff you don’t need anymore? Are you tired of paying the exorbitant rental storage prices for your unit? If you answered YES to either of these, we can help. Before calling us though, there are a couple of steps we recommend taking to ensure the process goes smoothly.

First, make sure to go through the unit to remove anything you might want to keep. Often, people forget about something that might have great sentimental or monetary value and we don’t want to accidentally take something you love. We always recommend our clients carefully go through their unit to remove valuable items before they call us to set up an appointment.

Next, make sure there are no flammable, toxic, or otherwise harmful items in your unit. While Snowball Junk Removal is able to take most household items, there are some things we can’t dispose of. You can learn more about the items we accept here on the website or by contacting us directly.

Lastly, make sure your bill is current with the facility. If you are behind on payments, we may not be able to remove your items. Check with the company you’re renting the unit from to make sure there are no legal issues before reaching out to our storage unit cleanout professionals.

Commercial Storage Cleanout Services

If you own a storage facility and have renters that aren’t paying their bills, you’ll need a way to clear out those units for new clients. While many storage facilities will opt to sell the belongings in an effort to recoup some of the losses, sometimes that isn’t feasible. If you’ve tried to sell the unit at auction, but failed to secure bidders, it might be time to call Snowball Junk Removal.

Whether you have one unit that needs to be emptied or multiple, our team of storage unit cleaning specialists can tackle the job. We handle projects large and small and we’re happy to discuss rates during a consultation.

We do recommend that you first go through the unit to remove valuable items you may be able to sell separately and to remove items that we are unable to accept. This will ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly.

Same-Day Storage Unit Cleaning

There are many reasons why you might need fast, effective storage cleaning services. Maybe you forgot the unit existed and you’re moving soon or perhaps a loved one passed away and you’re in charge of the estate. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.

While we can’t guarantee same-day storage cleanout, our team will work with you to get it done as quickly as possible. Call us today to learn more and see how quickly we can get rid of that unwanted junk!

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