Give Back to Your Community While Getting Rid of Clutter In Your Home

If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it! Marie Kondo’s mantra has swept the nation and families everywhere are finally cleaning out closets, attics, and basements in favor of a cleaner space. But what happens to all that old junk that’s just been collecting dust all these years? Well, as we all know, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure and at Snowball Junk Removal, we make sure your items never go to waste.

Junk Removal Doesn’t Mean Filling Up Landfills

Are you ready to clear the clutter in your home but you don’t want to see it all end up in the trash? Well, you’ve come to the right place! If your items are still in good condition, we’ll happily transport them to local thrift shops where they can be discovered by someone who will love them for years to come.

We work with many local second-hand shops who rely on your generous donations to serve the community. This means that you can feel good about getting rid of items you no longer need because they’ll go to someone who can use them instead of an area landfill.

What Happens to Items That Can’t Be Donated?

Let’s face it . . . some of the junk you need removed can’t be donated. If it’s broken, rusted, or damaged, you may think the only option is to det it on the curb for trash day. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case! Many of those items can still be recycled and transformed into something new.

When you call Snowball Junk Removal, we’ll evaluate the condition of your items and if they aren’t usable, we’ll transport them to a recycling center in the area. Whether you’re getting rid of broken appliances, old car parts, or need help with an entire estate cleanout, you can rest easy knowing that we recycle everything we can in an effort to reduce waste.

So What Goes to the Dump?

While we do our best to reuse and recycle everything we can, there are some things that end up in the landfill. We try to minimize the amount of trash that ends up at the dump by meticulously evaluating your junk onsite and deciding the best course of action. We know you care about the environment as much as we do, so we always do our best to donate and recycle whatever we can, using the landfill as a last resort.

Call Snowball Junk Removal Today for Fast, Environmentally Friendly Hauling Services

IF you’re ready to get rid of junk that’s just been lying around your home, call Snowball Junk Removal today at (859) 635-7793 for a free estimate. We’ll gladly give you a quote based on the items you need removed and we often provide same-day appointments, making it easy to eliminate junk in no time. We look forward to helping you get more space while also helping the community!